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Golf Access Case Studies


Golf Access has a number of case studies of successful golf clubs and PGA Professionals that have benefitted from the Golf Access program.

Bristol & Clifton Case Study                Little Hay Case Study


Bristol and Clifton Golf Club were                                          Little Hay Golf Complex have had

introduced to Golf Access through                                         impressive results with a new ladies

England Golf and bought into the                                           project that involved a combination                           system to offer junior golfers a clear                                      of coaching on the driving range and

and exciting pathway for players                                            on-course sessions with the Golf

without a handicap.                                                                Access program.                     


China Fleet Case Study                      Chesterfield Case Study


China Fleet Golf Club has had a                                           Chesterfield has utilised Golf Access

1320% return on investment over                                         primarily to attract new female golfers

a 12 month period since embracing                                      into the club, with some excellent

the Golf Access system.                                                        success.


Cirencester Case Study                      The Mendip Case Study

Cirencester Golf Club offers Golf                                         The Mendip Golf Club has had over 30

Access as the playing system within                                    junior members and 5 female members

the junior academy, with each golfer                                    join the club from progressing through 

having their own online profile to                                          the Golf Access scheme.

track their scores and improvements                                  



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