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BRS Golf by GolfNow partners with Golf Access

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

BRS Golf by GolfNow partners with Golf Access to help golf clubs welcome more beginners to the game The UK & Ireland’s leading golf club technology provider, BRS Golf, has linked up with Golf Access – a unique golf format designed to provide an exciting pathway for beginners to the game we all love.

The past year has ignited a renewed interest in golf, with many children taking it up for the

first time, and adults coming back to the sport again. Golf Access aims to help golf clubs

engage these new and returning golfers, turn them into club members and encourage them

to continue with golf, even as more sporting options begin to return.

Unlike many coaching programs, Golf Access encourages on-course learning, allowing

newcomers to the game to get better acquainted with the rules, regulations and etiquette

in a fun and informal environment. New rules introduced by Golf Access, like picking up your

ball if you take more than three attempts to get out of a bunker, help make golf more

enjoyable for beginners. Through Golf Access beginner golfers can continually measure their improvement through a colour-coded scoring system until they reach an official handicap level.

As part of the partnership, golf clubs currently using BRS Golf technology in the UK & Ireland will receive an exclusive offer when they sign up to become a Golf Access course. This includes a discount for BRS Golf clubs in the UK and Ireland that are new to Golf Access, a free 'Race to 18' board game and junior golf magazines. Any BRS Golf club partners currently using Golf Access will receive a 10% discount on all top-up orders.

Last year, 50% of the beginners who took part in Golf Access went on to become full golf

club members. And through BRS Golf and its parent company GolfNow, these new golfers

will be able to continue playing golf after graduating from Golf Access, however they decide

to engage with the sport. Whether that be a full membership, a flexible membership or a

more casual approach through booking GolfNow tee times. Flexible Membership

management software is now available from BRS Golf. Golf Access participants will all receive information about how they can join their local club and ways they can continue to play golf casually.

Simon Wood, Director of Golf Access said: “Golf Access is delighted to be working in

partnership with BRS Golf by GolfNow. Golf Access is an exciting development initiative,

designed to bridge the gap for new golfers from never hitting a ball to progressing onto

regular participation and golf club membership."

“Golf Access allows beginners to learn the game on the golf course and the unique colour

coded scoring system provide the new players with not only a fantastic and enjoyable

experience, but also rewards a player for every level they attain. There are already over 100 golf clubs successfully embracing the Golf Access scheme and we look forward to working with GolfNow and BRS Golf to help golf clubs to grow the game."

Fiona Hampton, Director of Sales & Customer Success at GolfNow, said: “One of our guiding principles at BRS Golf by GolfNow is to grow the game of golf in the UK & Ireland. We believe working with the Golf Access programme will help increase participation in the sport at golf clubs across the country. The past year has provided an opportunity for golf to welcome a more diverse and varied golfer into the game, and into a sport that truly

everyone can enjoy and where everyone can feel welcome. The challenge now is engaging

and retaining those new golfers.”

Stuart Disney, Head Professional The Mendip Golf Club is one of the PGA Professionals successful working with Golf Access. “The Mendip Golf Club has loved the Golf Access system, the whole club has brought into it."

"The emphasis on rewarding progression is an excellent feature of the programme and keeps the golfers engaged throughout the course. The system has allowed the golfers to advance, with completely new golfers being able to be comfortable and confident playing 9 holes. It is a fantastic pathway for beginners to start playing on the course and then progress through the levels and then finish off as full members of the club.”

Golf Access graduate, Emily Simpson from Cornwall, shared her story and it is one that will

be familiar to many golfers picking the game back up again as an adult.

“My perception of golf was that it is a more male-dominated sport and it would be

extremely difficult for me to access and be able to start playing,” says Emily.

“My first Golf Access session was great fun and I found myself strangely addicted to hitting

that next shot in the hope it was a great one. I went with my friends and my son and we all

really enjoyed ourselves. I had played a pitch and putt course a few times before but never

had been on a golf course even though I had worked at a golf club in my teens for years.

“I am now through all the Golf Access levels, a member of a golf club and play off the red

tees but still feel like I want to continue with the events at Golf Access sessions. It is a great

way to practice on the course without the pressure of low handicapper groups behind you,

and with the support of the Golf Professional there to help give a little bit of advice.”

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