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DevonGolf partners with Golf Access to grow Women and Family Golf

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

DevonGolf has launched an industry leading project with the Golf Access initiative to introduce more Women and Families into the game.

The campaign aims to encourage over 500 new Women, Girls and Families into golf in 2022 at the participating golf clubs through a series of on-course sessions and events at each venue involved.

Female golfers currently make up around 15% of the golf membership in England and Women and Family golf has been identified as the biggest growth opportunity for the game.

The project will adopt a number of strategies to offer a first-class experience to ensure that all participants have a fun and engaging experience during each session.

Barriers to golf preventing beginners to start their golfing journey will be eliminated, with equipment provided and forgoing dress codes for the initial sessions.

The clubs will recruit a number of female volunteer and mentors who will support with the planning and delivery of these Golf Access sessions. They will be involved with the GA programme assisting the new golfers around the course and offering advice and guidance for the new players.

The on-course sessions will implement the popular Golf Access system, that offers a unique colour coded scoring system for golfers to progress through.

Golf Access is played from a forward tee on each hole, and there are nine levels in the Golf Access program that takes a new golfer from their first experience on a golf course to a standard of play that can allow them to achieve a handicap and join as a member of the golf club.

All golf clubs in Devon are welcome to be part of this project and DevonGolf are supporting the first twelve clubs who sign up, with a contribution to the costs involved in taking part in the campaign.

Simon Wood, Director of Golf Access said: “Golf Access is delighted to be working in with DevonGolf to drive more Women, Girls and Families into golf. Golf is such a great game for Men, Women and Juniors and there is such an opportunity for Women and Families to enjoy all aspects of golf, whether you are 4 or 94.”

“Golf Access allows new players to learn the game on the golf course with the unique colour coded scoring system providing new players with not only a fantastic and enjoyable experience, but also rewards a player for every level they attain through a coordinated journey.”

“We are looking forward to working with the affiliated golf clubs and recognised short game facilities in Devon to encouraging hundreds of new players to become regular golfers.”

Paul Cloke, Operations Manager for Devon Golf said, “DevonGolf are delighted to provide this opportunity to our golf facilities in the county and help grow an under represented area of the game."

"Golf Access and its achievements to date cannot be ignored and we thought this was the perfect time to support clubs with this wonderful system.”


If you would like to receive more information or additional imagery, please contact:

Paul Cloke

Devon Golf

07779 990393

Simon Wood

Golf Access

01752 847600

About Golf Access

Golf Access is an established and successful recruitment and retention programme that is designed to attract and increase the number of new golfers, supporting them to become regular players and members.

Golf Access supports new golfers through nine different levels that rewards and recognises their progress at every step.

The colour coded scoring system helps players move from a complete beginner through to a level where they are confident and competent enough to play on the full course off standard tees integrating into a club membership environment.

Golf Access offers an exciting pathway that is extremely popular with juniors, adults, and families.

About DevonGolf

DevonGolf’s mission is to work at the heart of golf in Devon, to support and inspire a thriving community of players and clubs within the County.

DevonGolf is one of only a few unified counties in England looking after the amateur game in the county across all ages and genders.

DevonGolf aims to promote participation and organises outstanding Championships, Competitions and Events.

Devon Golf are represented as a county in national and regional Championships in all groups including Men, Women, Seniors, Boys and Girls.

DevonGolf supports the 44 affiliated golf clubs within the county providing support and advice on all aspects of the game.

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