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Q and A with Golf Access graduate Emily Simpson

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Q1. What was your perception of golf before your first golf lesson?

My perception of golf was that it is a more male dominated sport, it would be extremely difficult for me to access and be able to start playing.

Q2. What was your experience like during your first Golf Access session?

My first golf access session was great fun and I found myself strangely addicted to hitting that next shot in the hope it was a great one. I went with my friends and my son and we all really enjoyed ourselves. I had played a pitch and putt course a few times before but never had been on a golf course even though I had worked at a golf club in my teens for years.

Q3. Did you find the achievable goals and progressive levels of the Golf Access system benefitical for your improvement of your game?

Yes absolutely, it gives you something to work towards and progress to. I am now through all the levels, a member and play off the red tees but still feel like I want to continue with the events at Golf Access sessions. Golf Access + is a great way to practice on the course without the pressure of low handicapper groups behind you, and with the support of the Golf Professional there to help give a little bit of advice.

Q4. Now you have completed Golf Access, have you joined a golf club?

Yes, I have joined the China Fleet Golf Club in Cornwall. I now play regularly on the golf course, play, eat and practice at the club. Especially during lockdown if I am not at home working we are, as a family are always at the golf club.

Q5. What's your handicap target over the next 12 months?

I would be really happy in the short term to play consistently to a 36 handicap but in the next couple of years would like this down into the 20’s. I feel like I have come a really long way in a year.

Q6. If you had to give any advice for golf clubs to attract more females into the game, what would it be?

It gets me extremely frustrated to see clubs still seeing women golfers as the ladies section who play on a certain day of the week. I am 36 mother, a full time working professional and I love playing golf. Golf Access is a fantastic way to get more women into golf who don’t just fit this stereotypical mould. It is a safe and less stressful way to try something new without experiencing some of the stigma and issues that can arise when attracting new players to the sport. I think clubs who adopt the Golf Access system need to see that you need to advertise this as a family fun activity for the whole family. I often see Dad's join in with the kids but not many Mums. Just as happened with me, you will see more of these parents and women joining in and continue their journey in your club as they start to feel comfortable being on the course and in theclub house. I regularly hear from friends and colleagues they want to try golf but don’t know how to. Golf Access is the way to do this.

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